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The Rides

Tour de Manc sportive - 2 Distances

The Tour de Manc sportive is an open road cycling ride, which follows the sportive guidelines laid out by British Cycling (and published on their website) There are two distances, a very hard (Epic) 100 mile route (“Full Manc”) and a challenging 100km route (“Half Manc”).

The Full Manc route visits all 10 Greater Manchester boroughs. Both routes are identical until a single branching point at approximately 54 miles in.

Disabled/Para-cycle event

The event is an inclusive team event, whereby everyone riding contributes to a cumulative distance. Riders set off at allocated times and ride as far as they can in their allotted slot.

The distance is added to that of the other riders and in total, the riders will aim to ride the Tour de Manc “Full Manc” distance of 100 miles / 160km. The ride will be held on a marshalled, closed cycle track. The riding will be supported by accompanying events.

Medals will be given to the riding team members.